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Universal Soul Retrieval
Millennials Arising Host Emmanuel Dagher is offering a free Core Energy Session. It's an advanced, super-charged form of energy healing that uses applied Quantum Physics, Energy Medicine, and Theta Healing to quickly release the physical, mental, and emotional blocks, stresses, and traumas one might be carrying unconsciously keeping them from experiencing their greatest desires. Details at www.MagnifiedManifesting.com
Winner: Guylain de F, Michigan
Core Energy Session
A Universal Soul Retrieval session with Shaman Keith Robinson. This powerful Shaman's work is indescribable and must be experienced first-hand. Watch his short video: www.YouTubeShaman.com and read the testimonials, like this one from AB in Kansas: " I feel so happy and elated! My work circumstances are transformed. I feel like life is transforming around me! "
Winner: Vivienne M, Australia
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Winners are named below each prize.
A well-being kit, including the BEST D-3 combination available anywhere, Miracle of Life, and Life Transfusion Ionic Liquid Minerals from Dr. Wayne Garland who claims that Mozart was Killed by a common Vitamin Deficiency and says that when you study Mozart's habits and do a basic autopsy of his death and disease symptoms, it comes down to a dramatic deficiency of SUNSHINE. He seldom spent time outdoors in the sun, sleeping during the days and writing music at night. Learn more about these tremendous products at: www.AskDrGarland.com
Winner: Dr. Charles & Francie E, Oregon
Well Being Kit
A session with Sound Alchemist Kathleen Casey : During a Sound Alchemy session you receive inspired vocals (sounds, chants, songs) in a Language of Light. Sound sessions focus on your intention, while helping you to release blockages, and expand your essential self, as you more easily attune to higher vibrations to fulfill your soul purpose. www.soundalchemykc.com
Winner: Debbie L, Colorado
Sound Alchemy Session
FIVE prizes of Scalar Energy pendants. Wearing a Scalar energy pendant enhances your well-being exponentially because your blood oxygen level is immediately increased as toxins and wastes are removed from your cells. And you're protected from EMF's! Learn more about scalar products: www.GoingScalar.com
Winner: Jerilyn M, Oregon
Scalar Energy Pendants
Passion Test Coaching Session
An astrological reading with Millennials Arising astrologer Tom Lescher! His New Paradigm astrology views the birth-chart as a picture of your subconscious, a blueprint of your soul. It differs from other approaches in that it takes this blueprint as a stepping off point into the deeper layers of your psychic/spiritual soul. Learn more at: www.NewParadigmAstrology.com
Winner: Ann P, NY State
Astrology Reading
Millennials Arising Host Dr. Steven Farmer is offering a bundle of his fabulous products, including a signed copy of his book Earth Magic, a set of Earth Magic Oracle cards and a set of his Children's Spirit Animal cards.
Winner: Jolanta S, Lithuania
Autographed copy of 'Earth Magic" and more....
Attuned Hearts founder, Denise Fournerat, is offering a one-on-one Passion Test coaching session. The Passion Test, based on NY Times best seller, "The Passion Test - The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny" by Janet and Chris Attwood, and featured in the November issue of "O" Magazine, is a systematic process that enables you to gain clarity on your passions and purpose in life. Details at www.attunedhearts.com
Winner: Brook C, Hong Kong
10% of all contributions to be tithed to charities.
*Tax Exempt Donations: All donations of $5000 and more receive a tax-exemption from the Truth Seeker Foundation

Astro-Numerology Profile
Knowing your Personal Year and Month Numbers for 2012/13 is an invaluable forecast tool so you can truly leverage your goals. Your report is personally created by Millennials Arising host Tania Gabrielle and begins the month you place your order and continues through the same month the following year (as in April 2012 - April 2013). Your blueprint ALSO includes a special list of your Fortunate Personal Days for every month so you can plan your important events. An invaluable document to help you manifest your potential and purpose NOW.
Winner: Glenda B, Australia
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