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In the world to challenge the world!
Co-founder of Sunny & Sher Productions LLC, Sunny Ariel sees something special in the eyes of the young people in our world and she has created a groundbreaking television show just for them.

Sunny was born in England, raised in the US and then moved to Israel where she formed an advertising agency, published a weekly newspaper, and worked with the Israel film industry selling foreign rights and facilitating co-productions. Her life changed drastically in 1989 when her lover was killed in the helicopter crash during the filming of Delta Force II. Her subsequent discovery of the realities beyond our three dimensions is movingly told in her books:
Shalom My Love and Drops of Magic.

The birth of her grandchildren opened Sunny's eyes to even brighter dimensions. She has made it her life's mission to create ways to welcome, embrace, nurture, and to learn from the new young people on our planet. "Millennials Arising" is a television series she has created just for this purpose. She is humbled by the enthusiastic support this series has received from the television broadcast community and from Lightworkers alike, doing all they can to ensure this show comes to fruition. She says: "This show will especially reach the 17- to 34-year olds who are asking the deep questions of life and discovering they are here to help the world make this important shift."

Sunny Ariel
Executive Producer & Creative Director
As co-founder of Sunny & Sher Productions LLC, Sher is a natural bridge builder between people, faiths and cultures, a passion seeded by her wondrous childhood in India. Ultimately living and working on four continents, Sher built interfaith bridges in the US and Africa as an ordained Presbyterian minister. After setting aside her ordination, she pursued intercultural work as Director of International Adoptions, connecting orphaned and abandoned children with their forever-parents.

Having produced events and programs all her life, she brings these skills to her new passion of bridging worlds through multimedia productions - first through her own company, Satori Seven Productions, LLC and now through Sunny & Sher Productions, LLC.

"My three millennial kids are my greatest teachers. Developing and producing this life-changing show is my gift to them and to all the young people in our world."
Sher G. Emerick-Safran
Co-Executive Producer
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